Favorites of 2019

Well, it’s that time of year again; time where I utilize my hyperactive chronicling and rating tendencies to list out all the things I liked the most this year. This year I have a list for Video Games, Movies, Music, and Books… however, I’m only touching stuff that I’ve completed myself, regardless of what year it was made (the exception here is music, where I was able to confidently pick out my 5 favorite albums of 2019). In order for you to see everything I’ve completed this year, I’ll be linking my relevant chronicling profile for each of the subjects listed as a hyperlink for that subject. Anyway, let’s get into it.

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Some of my Favorite Blogs


from fauux

Hi all, I’m currently getting settled into Palo Alto for roughly two months of study at Stanford. Since a lot of typically structured writing time is being eaten up a bit, I decided this week to focus on a nice lax showcase of three of my other favorite blogs from around the ‘net. With that being said, let’s begin!


I love the aesthetic of Serial Experiments Lain, and nobody nails this experience quite like Fauux. A mad rabbit hole of beautiful, creepy, and mysterious web art, this blog serves as an expansive tribute to the anime as well as an extensive “online museum” experience.


Easily the funniest man on the internet today. I like how Barstool in general is sort of repping this mix of a new world Cracked.com with a specifically social-media focused Onion. KB specifically knocks on the pretentious, the assholes, and the weirdos of the social media world. The only blog I’ve read in a very long time that makes me laugh out loud with every article I read.

Benedict Evans

For serious news and comment, Benedict Evans is probably your best bet. While best known for his newsletter, Evans also releases regular blog posts that summarize key trends and events in the technology world and adds his own unique commentary/spin to them. Typically I don’t read the news, but these blog posts are great because a) they’re often unique takes, and b) they always have a bullet-pointed executive summary at the beginning so you can know whether or not the article is worth reading.

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