Hitman (2016) Review


I’ve decided it’s been long enough since we’ve had another chill, blog-exclusive article; and what better way to do it than with another game review?

This time, I wanted to try my hand at Hitman 2016. It’s been awhile since I’ve last played it, but I wanted to put some notes down for it anyway since it was a pretty fun experience. Overall I definitely believe this is a contender alongside Blood Money for best assassination game, but let’s get into the nitty gritty details.

Gameplay – 9/10

Gameplay is honestly what I believe is the clear advantage for Hitman 2016. There is so much to do in this game; so many combinations, so many challenges, so many routes, and so many weapons. And yet, despite this, the game is very simple at its core; there’s only a couple of maps and the core game loop is essentially Clue (kill X with Y in the Z costume). This massive amount of diversity in the game loop is what makes it so appealing; each new variation of the map and mode teaches you more about the map, allowing you to do progressively cooler things and gain more unlocks, to teach you more about the map, etc. etc.

Art – 6/10

While a lot of these environments are very pretty, the art is mostly pretty generic. I mean, it’s a modern shooty game, what were you really expecting? Typically I would give this a mild score of 5, but I will give some credit to the ultra-beautiful Sapienza, Marrakesh, and Bangkok  maps.

Music – 7/10

The soundtrack of Hitman 2016 is the surprise hit of all the categories. While Blood Money did have a iconic soundtrack, I think this soundtrack was less iconic because it was good and more because you heard the same tracks over and over again trying to complete a mission. There’s a lot more diversity to 2016’s music, and it definitely vitalizes the spy intrigue feel of the game. There’s no tracks on here that you’d listen to on repeat, but it fits the game very well.

Story – 5/10

Hitman’s story is overall fairly inoffensive. To be fair, it’s always been this way; pretty much exactly the same. Not really much to discuss here; just your classic spy intrigue/revenge story.

Extra – 4/5

For my extra points, I’ll repeat what I said in the gameplay section; there’s a lot to do here. The pure amount of content in the GOTY edition will keep you satisfied for a very long time. Better yet, it’s my favorite kind of game; a game that’s very quick and simple to beat, but long and difficult to complete.

Total Score: 31/40, 77.5% — GOOD

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Fable II Review


This time around, I’ve decided to work on a website exclusive; this is mostly just an exclusive due to the fact I don’t believe the other outlets would care about it as much. Recently, I got around to finally beating Fable II, a game I’ve wanted to play ever since I was a kid. While I had played both Fable I and Fable III in the past, it was because those two games were ported on the PC where Fable II never was. This was fairly upsetting, because Fable II was considered the definitive Fable game. My experiences with Fable I and III were mixed (especially with III, which I hold a particularly love-hate relationship with and will come back into play a bit later in this review) but I decided that this was because they were simply inferior in comparison to II. Finally, when I got an Xbox One just last year, I decided that now was my chance to finally try out the game. And here we are, one year later, I’ve finally seen it through. So, let’s get into it.

I also want to mention that for this review I’m bringing back a bit of a classic. Some might remember my old out of 40 review scale from my old reviews on Blogspot; well I’m bringing it back again, this time with a couple of new tweaks.


Gameplay – 6/10

This was one bit I was really hoping they’d improve from the other games, but unfortunately, they did not. This game’s combat is totally broken; there’s nothing more to it other than dodging out of the way and spamming the attack button in hopes of doing something. There are three ways to attack: sword fighting, ranged, and magic. Sword and ranged are essentially the same thing, except one is from farther away. Magic is just straight god awful. In order to use it, you have to press an unholy combination of buttons just to target the attack. Killing enemies using magic is really just not even worth it.

Alternate gameplay features of things like the economy meta are decently fun enough but get insanely broken by the end game (just like in the previous two games, you get to a point where you essentially have infinite money).


Art – 5/10

While I do appreciate the Victorian aesthetic, most of the game feels pretty bland in the art department. The concept art done in caricature form is pretty interesting, but you rarely see it throughout the game. Another thing I noticed; not sure if this is just due to the Xbox One uprez, but the entire game looks significantly blurry.


Music – 8/10

Alright, I do have a bit of a soft spot for the music in this game. In reality, there’s probably only like 5 tracks in the whole thing overall, but most of it does sound good and does very well fit the theme of the game.


Story – 7/10

They… tried? It always feels like they give at least some attempt for the stories in this game. The opening seems fairly nice – the classic hero’s journey – but as time goes on you just sort of forget the story as a whole. You also don’t make connections with any of the characters; typically I wouldn’t care too much about this point, but in this game it seems like they want you to have deep connections (some of the ending decisions require such a thing to make sense).


Extra – 3/5

Overall, I’d say Fable II is much like the other games; a pretty lackluster disappointment. While there are bits and pieces of the game to enjoy, overall the game still leaves much to be yearned. This disappointment strikes hot in II specifically, as it is supposed to be the best but rather falls flat in the same ways as the others.


Total Score: 29/40, 72.5% — OKAY


Epilogue: Some Explanations on the Score

The four main pillars of a game, in my personal opinion, are gameplay, art, music, and story. Gameplay is essential, and is how a game feels. Art is how the style of the game best represents its theme, and is a mixture of both the actual style (e.g. Monument Valley) as well as the actual quality of the art (e.g. Red Dead Redemption 2). Music is self-explanatory. Story is a bit more of a loose category; technically most games do not have a story, and for those games I would judge the story category more along the lines of how well immersed you become in the game or otherwise how good the flow is of the external narrative.


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