Read, Think, Make, Share, Monetize

For the past few years, all of my working schedule has revolved around five activities. In this post, I’ll go over these concepts — read, think, make, share, and monetize — and explain why I think they’re vital for any entrepreneur’s success.

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A Review of MyMind

I do not do product reviews on this blog often. The last (and first) time I did it was with YourStack, and while I’ve used a lot of tools since then nothing has particularly caught my interest. But the tides have changed yet again, and it’s time for me to preach to you all the gospel of MyMind.

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A Few Thoughts on MMOs

Recently, I finished reading the book Designing Virtual Worlds by Richard Bartle. Made by the creator of MUD (widely considered to be the first MMO), it goes over best practices for creating a persistent, multiplayer experience. One thing I noticed about DVW right out the gate, however, is that it’s pretty old — so old, in fact, that the book came out just one year (!) before World of Warcraft, the game now considered to be the ultimate template in MMO-crafting. This antiquity made me curious… just how much have MMOs changed?

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