Convenience + Efficiency

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I talk a lot on this blog about both the convenience factor and the efficiency factor. But the two are tied together much more than one might initially think.

First, let’s do a bit of a review on both of these factors. The convenience factor, better described by the “The world moves towards convenience” tagline on this blog, is meant to showcase that the best ideas always exhibit the idea of convenience; they make things easier or otherwise simpler. The efficiency factor is described by “Make things 1% better every day”, which is meant to be targeted towards individuals but can easily work for companies as well. 

Some of you might already be catching on to the connecting tissue of these two ideas. A product that is easier to use is more productive (duh), and thus has a higher efficiency. In this way, everything begins with convenience

This makes a lot more sense when you start to think about what kinds of tasks make things 1% better. Simple automations, task delegation, dailies… all of these strategies focus on making something more convenient, and yet they’re tied to better efficiency and productivity. 

And while I think it’s nicer to have the two separate, understanding of the fact that you might want to describe one without describing the other, I think it’s still very important to recognize the interconnectivity of these two concepts. It makes looking at the world a whole lot easier.

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