Relationships, Careers, and Investments

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Now, I’m humble enough to say that I don’t really know a whole lot about all three of these things. With that said, there’s a definitive pattern I’ve seen in all three — including the likes of things like college admissions — that I think works well enough to dedicate a post to.

The main strategy to all three of these things goes as follows: a) get a grasp on what you truly like and understand, b) spread your net across all the options, and c) don’t get offended if you get rejected, because it’s all impersonal unless it’s a yes.

I’ll start with investments, since the metaphor I’m making is probably the most obvious there. Of course, the old adage here is to diversify your assets. This means that, once you’ve learned the fundamentals of investing, you go out and a) filter a group of securities you think will provide the best value, b) pick up as many of these as you can, c) get a couple of losers, but hopefully some big winners as well. 

When it comes to career, the same sort of method applies; even though it’s a little bit more involved. Of course, you want to start off building a skillset. Once you have a defined skillset, you a) pick out the positions, locations, and companies you think will have the best fit with, b) apply to as many of these as possible, and c) get (a lot) of rejections, but still have those one or two nice job offers in the end.

And, yes, even something as personal as relationships would work with this process. I’m not just talking love here (though it could work with that!); I’m talking mentorships, friendships, and all the like. All you have to do is a) figure out who you want to learn from the most, or who you would gel best with, b) reach out to as many

Etc, etc, etc. And, as I mentioned, you can apply this to things like college admissions as well. I’ve been applying this logic for awhile now, and it always really seems to work. Be it using the power of luck to your advantage, or perhaps waiting for a time when the other side makes a mistake, either way you’re the one who ends up on top.

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