I am Jacob Robinson. At least, I’m trying to be.

I help innovators, thinkers, and creatives develop new key insights for their work in art, business, and technology.

Recent Blog Posts

  • Progress in the Long Term
    As time moves forward, an interesting thing happens: things progress. We take for credit the fact that human life seems to be advancing in a variety of different categories, rather than stay stagnant and volatile. But this raises the question: what does the endgame look like?
  • Strategies for David, Versus Goliath
    At some point in your life, you’ll be dealing with someone a lot more powerful than you are. Most of the time these people will likely have a neutral impact, or even help you in your life and career. But sometimes — just sometimes — they can have bad intentions. Here are some tips for dealing with that.
  • Income Generators 101
    I’ve realized that, whether it be on the newsletter or the blog, I talk a lot about income generators. However, there has been no definitive place where I’ve explained what exactly income generators are — I’ve only elaborated on them here and there. To have a place I can always go back to, I’ve decided to summarize my thoughts on income generators in this blog post.
  • Top 10 Tools I Use in 2021
    For those of you who don’t know, I change my workflow. A lot. Even this post used to be a newsletter exclusive before it was booted in favor of “The Canon of Jacob Robinson”. Now, I’m bringing it back to the blog — and updating it with some new additions. 
  • Taste on the Margin
    For the most part, taste doesn’t really matter. The wide majority of us can agree when something is good, or when something is bad. It’s only when taste is on the margin that interesting things start to occur.