A Guide to Fiction Writing

I’m now at the point where people ask me more about my tips on writing than for job referrals (thank God), but I’ve noticed that I do not yet have a single “source of truth” on the subject besides my mostly tongue-in-cheek 10 Tips on Writing. So here is an attempt at a truly expansiveContinue reading “A Guide to Fiction Writing”

10 Tips on Writing

Closure is required. Each character has an arc that gets them from point A to point B. Point B is noticeably different from point A. Describe with the five senses. Write such that the words make beautiful speech. Everyone reads in an internal monologue — so sentences that are easy to speak sound clearer andContinue reading “10 Tips on Writing”


I am the lord thy God, and thou shalt have no other Gods before me. Leviathan is a cyberpunk horror novel I had originally started writing around 2015 to 2016, gave up on, then came back to finish in 2018 and 2019 and finalize editing and formatting today. It’s a book that I’ve long beenContinue reading “LEVIATHAN: AVAILABLE NOW”

The Types of Criticism on the Internet

Writing content on the web attracts a lot of criticism, wanted or otherwise. After writing stuff for awhile, I’ve noticed this to be thoroughly true. However, I’ve also noticed some patterns of criticism I’ve noticed on the internet, and wanted to deep dive into each of them and describe what I believe is the bestContinue reading “The Types of Criticism on the Internet”