30DayStartup, Week 3 — The Ramp-up

Previously on the 30DayStartup Challenge: We decided that we would make a RedBubble store dedicated specifically to t-shirts called BDC (short for BOYS DONT CRY). We decided that our mission statement would be to make designs for shirts as opposed to the popular notion of making shirts for designs. We decided that our marketing wouldContinue reading “30DayStartup, Week 3 — The Ramp-up”

30DayStartup: The Beginning

As promised, here’s my first post for the 30DayStartup challenge! This whole thing is already extremely messy; I wasn’t able to post last week like I had thought I would be and I’ve also already lost my place as to what day I’m supposed to be on this challenge. Guess that serves me right forContinue reading “30DayStartup: The Beginning”