The Problem with Generations

Pretty much everyone at this point is aware of the proverbial “Boomers versus Zoomers”; the millennial generation has been so upset by baby boomers that they’ve called them out pretty loudly over social media and other platforms. On the other hand, Boomers have cried afoul of the Millenials and say they’ve fallen from grace. SoContinue reading “The Problem with Generations”

How One Joke Can Ruin Your Life

I had originally put the topic of this blog post down as “In defense of all jokes”. This was actually a topic I had kept on the doc since the older days of Astuka’s Blog (and so, in a way, this serves as a throwback to last week’s article). Of course, as we’ve already addressed,Continue reading “How One Joke Can Ruin Your Life”

Who Makes the Culture?

The culture of a given place and time is filled with a variety of complex cogs and elements. Still, the origins of a “culture” arises somewhere; the memetics and development of fads and fashions of the time all have a beginning. So, who makes the culture? First you can look at the artists. Without KanyeContinue reading “Who Makes the Culture?”