Why You Might Want A Trading Account Over An IRA

Alright, so this may be one of my more controversial takes. But I really don’t think investment plans – IRAs, 401ks, etc. – have any distinct advantage over a normal, traditional trading account. There is one particular reason why I think this is true, but I’ll dive into the details within this post.

My Approach to Investing

My investment thesis is no secret. In fact, I’ve written about it before. Over the years it has remained a stable and simple heuristic in my toolbox that has led to a 35% year-over-year return (and that’s not including the crypto investments 😉 ). But that being said, I think it’s high time I’ve returnedContinue reading “My Approach to Investing”

The Fall of GAFA

Everything goes away at some point. Yes, that includes the current internet business titans. I wanted to spend this post hypothesizing what this end might look like, for each of the different companies. Nothing here is meant to be taken too seriously; it’s more so fun speculation and predictions than anything else.

Relationships, Careers, and Investments

Now, I’m humble enough to say that I don’t really know a whole lot about all three of these things. With that said, there’s a definitive pattern I’ve seen in all three — including the likes of things like college admissions — that I think works well enough to dedicate a post to.