There Is No Metaverse

Every few months, the Hivemind at Silicon Valley picks up a trend. Once it was ecommerce. Another time it was machine learning. Then, it was blockchain. Now, they’ve decided to pull all these trends together and wrap them into a neat little bow: the metaverse. That’s all well and good, but… what if I toldContinue reading “There Is No Metaverse”

Practical Thoughts on Blockchain

I’ve touched on blockchain very briefly in past articles, but I’ve never really dived into my thoughts in depth. I wanted to use this article to discuss some of the highlights of blockchain, particularly its two major potential endgames: universal currency and universal market access.

The Machine Learning Revolution

When the internet became big, everything changed. Fundamentally everything we did — learning, writing, communicating, finances, business, science — became changed. In many ways, convenience exponentially grew. So, here comes another question: is something similar to this already coming up again on the horizon?