Why the Humanities Are Just as Important as STEM

As a global society, we tend to give the impression that STEM is something you should go after whereas the Humanities are something you should avoid. I think this is unfair for two reasons: firstly, there’s the obvious case that people tend to either swing one way or the other, and that pushing people allContinue reading “Why the Humanities Are Just as Important as STEM”

Some of my Favorite Blogs

Hi all, I’m currently getting settled into Palo Alto for roughly two months of study at Stanford. Since a lot of typically structured writing time is being eaten up a bit, I decided this week to focus on a nice lax showcase of three of my other favorite blogs from around the ‘net. With thatContinue reading “Some of my Favorite Blogs”

Who Makes the Culture?

The culture of a given place and time is filled with a variety of complex cogs and elements. Still, the origins of a “culture” arises somewhere; the memetics and development of fads and fashions of the time all have a beginning. So, who makes the culture? First you can look at the artists. Without KanyeContinue reading “Who Makes the Culture?”

Creatives vs. Technicals: Which Should You Focus On?

One of life’s greatest conflicts is between the arts and the sciences. The right brain and the left brain. The creatives and the technicals. In reality, no one thinks that one of these groups is inherently useless. But what’s the right mix? Honestly, it changes depending on what sort of project you’re looking at. AContinue reading “Creatives vs. Technicals: Which Should You Focus On?”