I realized that the only thing I don’t offer some sort of free demo for yet is my fiction writing. So I’ve decided to make space for a few select free stories that people can read.

Are You Different?

Sorry, We’re Closed – Deals with a tale of loss and tragedy as the fate of two strangers are irrevocably intertwined.

Sunshower – A discussion between two generations, as a young girl tries to find out where she came from.

Wish – About paths, ones both closed and open to us. It is about the reflection of our fears towards these paths, and the lesson of finally letting go. 

Are You “Different”? – Revolves around a man on his last leg, as he makes one last joyride through a hometown he never knew. 

Rosebud – About a girl faced with an unsolvable problem, and how she desperately tries to find an answer.

Discovery – About just that: discovery. Learning who you are, learning who the others are around you, and learning how it all comes together. 

Band on the Run – Teaches us that some mistakes don’t get a second chance. 

Visions – A horror story wrapped up in a love story wrapped up in a horror story.

Narcolepsy – A tale, ironically, about insomnia. But it is about narcolepsy too, though perhaps a different kind.

Grey Area – About trying to do the right thing. No matter what the cost. 

A Different Kind of Feeling – About dreams. Not the dreams you and I have, but something deeper in our conscious. A different kind of feeling.

These Little Things (Coming Soon)

No Color

Baby Bird

Brain Freeze

The Great Watcher


These Little Things

The Night Me and Your Mama Met

In Color

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