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Here is a list of all the posts and articles I have recommended over the course of the Astukari Newsletter. I have removed all paywalled or 404 links, and categorized by general content.


How to get rich, without getting lucky

Tips on Negotiating an Offer

40 Concepts for Understanding the World

10 years of professional blogging – what I’ve learned

68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice

Ryan Holiday’s 33 Favorite Pieces of Advice

How To Handle Negative Comments

A Few Rules

The Basecamp Guide to Internal Communication

Things you’re allowed to do

How To Be Successful

How I practice at what I do

How to be remarkable

The Daily Routines of 12 Famous Writers

99 Additional Bits of Unsolicited Advice

Art & Media

Fonts in Use: Neon Genesis Evangelion

The Kanye West 2020 GQ Interviews

Make Good Art

A Post Mortem on Dungeons of Edera

The Furry Lisa, CryptoArt, & The New Economy of Digital Creativity

Science & Technology

Smart homes, machine learning, and discovery

Black, Hot Ice May Be Nature’s Most Common Form of Water

A 53-Year-Old Network Coloring Conjecture Is Disproved

How Swarming Insects Act Like Fluids

A Two-Track Algorithm To Detect Deepfake Images

The World’s First Gattaca Baby Tests Are Finally Here

How to recognize AI Snake Oil

Why is black plastic so hard to recycle?

The Deep Sea

What I learned from chess and computers

Not even wrong: Predicting tech

Solving online events

Shock-Dissipating Fractal Cubes Could Forge High-Tech Armor

Self-Replicating Chernobyl Mold Tested on ISS as a Space Radiation Shield

Jason’s Machine Learning 101

Outgrowing software

Advancing AI to make shopping easier for everyone

Hardware and the Metaverse

Quickly Training Game-Playing Agents with Machine Learning

Why web3 distributed libraries will change the world

Building 2,000 Unique SEO Pages with GPT-3

Mental Models & Biases

Compounding Knowledge

Taming the Mammoth

Learn the game, don’t become the game

How to Increase Your Luck Surface Area

To Get Good, Go After The Metagame

Feeling Good: Justin’s Program

Knowledge of the Future

May The Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Nassim Taleb on the Notion of Alternative Histories

The Two Paths to Success

How to do anything

Serendipity finds you

The Most Important Question of Your Life

Concept-Shaped Holes can be Impossible to Notice

Nobody Cares

Conflict vs Mistake

Get Specific!

Climbing the wrong hill

I Can Tolerate Anything Except the Outgroup

Class (American)

Compress to Impress

How to be lucky

Crazy New Ideas

Social Status: Down the Rabbit Hole

On Time, Money, and Health


The Most Precious Resource is Agency

Theory of the Leisure Class

Investing & Crypto

Algorithmic Trading in Crypto

Decentraland Lords

The Personal Token Revolution

Lessons Learned Turning $5k into $200k

Infrastructure investment tricks

Bitcoin: the Stripe perspective

Investment Principles and Checklists

Bitcoin Network Effects

How Are DeFi Yields So High?

Save Like A Pessimist, Invest Like An Optimist

Stablecoins, Stability, and Financial Inclusion

Business & Entrepreneurship

30 Questions to Ask Before Joining a Startup

Camels and Rubber Duckies

A profitability roadmap for the fast-changing automotive sector

Don’t Call Yourself A Programmer, And Other Career Advice

What’s Amazon’s market share?

Exec 101 – First 30 Days

Front’s Series C Deck

23 rules to run a software startup with minimum hassle

The Map and the Terrain

Joe Rogan Got Ripped Off

How I Hit $100k/yr on GitHub Sponsors

Defining Interactive E-Commerce

The Rise of Gymshark

Sustainable Sources of Competitive Advantage

The hyper freelance model

Tiny products

The Age of Infinite Leverage

No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees

Creator Hierarchy of Needs

The Evolution of the Influencer

How China is Chasing in on Group Chats

What Goes Wrong

Elon Musk’s Battle to Sell Cars the Way Apple Sells iPads

The Real Product Market Fit

How do content creators make money?

We Need 100x More Creators Online

The Part Time Creator Manifesto

Amazon 2020 Letter to Shareholders

Design Patterns for Managing Up

The Secret to a Great Planning Process

The Slow Death of the Firm

Curators All the Way Down

How Experts are Turning their Ideas to Currency

Give Away 99% For Free, Monetize the Last 1%

We Don’t Sell Saddles Here

Growing A Tokenized Community

Chicken and Egg Problems

Starbucks, monetary superpower

Education & Learning

The 5-Step Research Method

The Lesson to Unlearn

A bit about Primer

How To Understand Things

Opportunities in Education

Learnable Programming

The YouTube Revolution in Knowledge Transfer

The New American University

How To Rapidly Improve At Any Programming Language

Thoughts on chess improvement

Narratives & Profiles

The Secrets of the World’s Greatest Art Thief

Who is Florida Man?

He Was Once a Macro God. Now Alan Howard Wants to Be More Than That.

The Man of Extremes

The Bell Curve

Who killed the prime minister?

The working witches of Los Angeles just want you to be your best self

Speak, Memory

Some Practical Thoughts on Suicide

The China Culture Clash

Economists on the Run

The Unparalleled Genius of John von Neumann

Y2K: An Oral History

11 Reasons Not to Become Famous

What Happened to Lee?

Massive Resistance in a Small Town

From Bubble to Bubble

Dak Prescott’s Heal Turn

The Most Ambitious Diary in History

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