Publications are different from articles or books in that they are longer discourses on subjects that I touch on in the blog. Since they are shorter than 100 pages and are considered (by me, at least) to be educational material, I host them for free on this part of the website. They often take on the appearance of research papers, but do be warned: these papers are meant to be mentally stimulating and entertaining, but not to be taken as gospel. None of them have been peer-reviewed, and I do not hold a graduate degree in any subject (except perhaps in Blabbering on the Internet).

Assessing the Economic Net-Benefits for Solutions to Heat-Related Illness in Maricopa County

Currently working on:

Honors Thesis [finished, post here]

Social Game Theory [post here after edited]

Ubermensch Concept

Rational Egoist

Luck and Probability Distributions

Narrative Application to Psychology (why do we like stories? what parts of stories do we most appreciate?)


Social Psychological Foreign Vectors (how do we treat people who are ‘weird’?)

Concepts of Success

Parasocial Relationships

Hierarchies in Love