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Most of my content (blogposts, video, podcast, etc.) is free. However, for people who are really into this whole thing, I offer a subscription service that: 1) Helps me live (nice!) and 2) Gives you a lot of stuff (cool!).

Here’s the deal: On Ko-fi and Substack, you can purchase either a monthly subscription or a (discounted) annual subscription. It is $7/mo for monthly, $72 for a year. Getting a sub from Ko-fi versus one from Substack cost exactly the same and offer the exact same features: it is purely a matter of preference from which website you choose to buy from.

The following features are included. Take in mind I’m always trying to add stuff, and so this list will grow over time:

Finally, I’ll say that subscriptions are optional. If you want to give a lower amount of money, you can use Ko-fi’s donation feature. If you want something specific, you can buy it directly. If you don’t want to spend money at all, don’t do it! In [Current Year] everybody’s gotta find some way to live, and this is my chosen method of living. And, of course, the blog and newsletter will always be free 🙂

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