Maria Cortez – Boys & Girls

Name: Maria Cortez

Birthday: July 19th, 1999

Maria Cortez was born in Pueblo Rojo, Arizona. Her mother is Sandra Cortez, while her father (who, at the time of Boys & Girls, is out of the picture) is left nameless. Her younger sister is Anita Cortez, whom she takes care of while her mother is out on her overnight nursing job.

Given her immigrant background, as well only recently enrolling in Kinsky High School, she is often quiet and slow to trust others. However, she came to join the Kinsky Friend Group on behalf of Rodrigo Huerta, who shares a similar background to her, and then stayed committed to the group on behalf of their shared kindness for her and her younger sister.

Maria Cortez is one of the main characters of Boys & Girls. Read now.

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