Practice and Mysticism

So one thing that I always find fun is connecting mystical and esoteric ideas from the past to the present. For example, in Greek mythology, each god represented a different aspect of human existence. Poseidon, for instance, symbolized the power of the sea. While the Greeks may not have believed in the literal existence ofContinue reading “Practice and Mysticism”

Can Buddhism and Ego Intertwine?

Alright, I admit — this one’s a bit of a repost. Remember that era back a few years ago where I was getting into writing “serious academic papers” on “wide-ranging concepts”? It didn’t last long, unsurprisingly. But one of the unreleased ones actually involved a subject I still hold close to my heart — aContinue reading “Can Buddhism and Ego Intertwine?”

How to use AI to get you motivated to work

If you are anything like me, then every time you see a blank page, you’re probably paralyzed. Every time I start a new project, it’s such a pain to get those first couple of words together, whether it be the first sentence in a blog post or a first recording in a video.

Is the Four-Hour Workweek Actually Possible?

The Four-Hour Workweek is a self-help book written by Tim Ferriss, and arguably set the tone for the more hustler-oriented culture of the 2010s. In this book, Ferriss emphasizes the concept of lifestyle design, which involves designing your life in a way that allows you to have more free time and engage in activities thatContinue reading “Is the Four-Hour Workweek Actually Possible?”