Why You Shouldn’t Network

If you’re in the business of business, you’ve probably been knocked on the head at least a thousand times about how networking is vital for your career. Well, I’ve got bad news: you’ve been lied to. Networking doesn’t work. Well, networking in a traditional sense at least. The times of informational interviews and coffee chatsContinue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Network”

Make-or-Break vs. Nice-to-Have

I’ve talked a lot about mindset on this blog. Each time I have, I’ve given a less-than-satisfactory answer of “I honestly don’t know how to fix this”. Truth is, I still don’t. But I think I might have something here that could help nudge people in the right direction. It’s the difference between the Make-or-BreakContinue reading “Make-or-Break vs. Nice-to-Have”