How to use AI to get you motivated to work

If you are anything like me, then every time you see a blank page, you’re probably paralyzed. Every time I start a new project, it’s such a pain to get those first couple of words together, whether it be the first sentence in a blog post or a first recording in a video.

Why Big Entertainment Failed to Bring in Diversity

Over the past few years, the entertainment industry has been pushing for more diversity in films, video games, and other media. This includes writing characters from a wider range of demographics, such as race, sexual orientation, and gender. On the surface this is a great idea — it allows both the people within those demographicsContinue reading “Why Big Entertainment Failed to Bring in Diversity”

Why Did Photographers Embrace NFTs, but Artists Didn’t?

The above image depicts a group of randomly selected Twitter accounts from JBR’s research on creatives. As you can tell, those on the left are pro-NFT — they have their own collections — whereas those on the right are anti-NFT. What makes this especially interesting, however, is that everyone on the right is a traditionalContinue reading “Why Did Photographers Embrace NFTs, but Artists Didn’t?”