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Boys & Girls

A group of high school friends deal with growing up as they simultaneously go through the aftermath of a horrific tragedy.

Hello, and welcome to the official page for Boys & Girls, the upcoming two-part novel series by Jacob Robinson!

Boys & Girls: Part I will be releasing on December 21st, 2022. The first ten chapters of the book will be available here, for free. Both a link to the ten chapters as well as a link to direct purchase the book will be available here when it is ready.

(Psst, did you know you’ll get B&G Part I free on release if you’re a premium member?)

B&G Wiki

Curious about the story of Boys & Girls? Check out our wiki page! Since Part I is still pre-release there is nothing here that contains heavy story spoilers, rather just an introduction to the world and its characters.

B&G Concepts

In an effort to give an artistic representation of B&G’s world and characters, I’ve created some “concepts” which showcase the world of B&G.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not an artist. All art here is either edits, machine generations, or commissioned artwork made for the sole purpose of describing the world of B&G visually.

(I’ve decided just to use Stable Diffusion for these concepts, which did not exist when I first made this page. I’m still running it for a few characters, so more art soon!)

The B&G Playlist

Because everything is better with a soundtrack. This is a list of music I listened to while planning/writing B&G, and therefore it is a sort of “unofficial soundtrack”. Right now it is out of order but I plan on ordering it based on (relatively) when I played it a lot during a given part of the book.

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