Boys & Girls

Fourteen highschool friends. One horrific tragedy, and the race to find the truth.

When the younger sister of a high school student is found dead, community and friends gather to drum up support. What they don’t know is that the one who perpetrated it may be any one of them… including those she is closest to.

CONTENT WARNING: Boys & Girls contains elements that readers might find disturbing or reminders of past trauma. Diligence and discretion is recommended.

Free Chapters

10 of the 44 chapters in Boys & Girls: Part I are available for free, here on this site. You can read them below, starting with the prologue:

Chapter 0: “The Birthday Party”

Chapter 1: “Zero Day”

Chapter 2: “Maria’s Return”

Chapter 3: “The Room”

Chapter 4: “What’s the Story, Morning Glory?”

Chapter 5: “Wilkins”

Chapter 6: “Lake”

Chapter 7: “The Treehouse”

Chapter 8: “Autopsy”

Chapter 9: “Homecoming”

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You can also get Part I through the Patreon.

The Cast

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