The Weird, Magical World of Modern Day Quora

In the late 2010s, people began to see the question-answering website Quora as a beacon of knowledge on the internet. Venture capitalists, startup founders, content marketers, and thought leaders alike drove towards the website to answer thought-provoking questions and at the same time drive traffic towards their website. Now, in 2021, almost all that interest has faded away. What happened?

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Risk/Return Bets in Entrepreneurship

As a person trained in finance and investing, I’m always interested when I see these principles apply to other parts of life. But perhaps there is no better place where the lessons of investing could come into play than in entrepreneurship.

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There Is No Metaverse

Every few months, the Hivemind at Silicon Valley picks up a trend. Once it was ecommerce. Another time it was machine learning. Then, it was blockchain. Now, they’ve decided to pull all these trends together and wrap them into a neat little bow: the metaverse. That’s all well and good, but… what if I told you there was no metaverse?

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