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  • Changing to Fit the Times
    We often say that people succeed because they’re in the right place at the right time — but what if you change yourself to fit this place and this time?
  • Trends in Mass Murder Techniques
    While doing research on my upcoming post surrounding infamous mass shooter Adam Lanza, I noticed a particularly bizarre historical pattern: mass murder techniques seem to follow historical patterns. In this post I go over these historical periods, as well as what might be the reason behind it.
  • What Decides Good Art?
    Art has always been, of course, a little subjective. But it has always been a debate as to where the subjectivity ends and the objectivity begins. Could we figure out what makes an objectively good artwork?
  • Cyberpunk in 2022
    Cyberpunk (the franchise, not the genre) is shaping up to be one of the more interesting AAA stories of recent years. I wanted to write a brief about my own experiences with the series, it’s most recent successes (and failures), and where things might go from here.
  • My Life Principles
    A while ago, I kept a running list of principles to guide my life. I recently rediscovered it, and it turns out it aged better than I thought it would. So here it is, open-sourced, for the world to see. Feel free to use it (or not use it) as you wish.

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