30DayStartup, Week Two — Design and Marketing

[Didn’t read part one? Check it out here!] Okay, I hinted at this before, but its official – I literally have no idea where I am in this challenge anymore. Pretty sure 30 days is relatively 4 weeks, so I figure on the 4th post we’ll just launch then. As for the startup itself, we’veContinue reading “30DayStartup, Week Two — Design and Marketing”

30DayStartup: The Beginning

As promised, here’s my first post for the 30DayStartup challenge! This whole thing is already extremely messy; I wasn’t able to post last week like I had thought I would be and I’ve also already lost my place as to what day I’m supposed to be on this challenge. Guess that serves me right forContinue reading “30DayStartup: The Beginning”

Five Takeaways from #100DaysofCode

For the longest time, I’ve tried to code. From taking an AP Computer Science class in high school to trying to make a command line RPG in C++, I’ve always wanted to expand my knowledge of programming, understanding that it now plays a key role in our world. However, each time I’ve tried, I cameContinue reading “Five Takeaways from #100DaysofCode”