Can Buddhism and Ego Intertwine?

Alright, I admit — this one’s a bit of a repost. Remember that era back a few years ago where I was getting into writing “serious academic papers” on “wide-ranging concepts”? It didn’t last long, unsurprisingly. But one of the unreleased ones actually involved a subject I still hold close to my heart — a sort of “customized combination” of life philosophies that fit my personal goals and may very well fit yours too. So, I figure, why not share it here?

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How to use AI to get you motivated to work

If you are anything like me, then every time you see a blank page, you’re probably paralyzed. Every time I start a new project, it’s such a pain to get those first couple of words together, whether it be the first sentence in a blog post or a first recording in a video.

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My All-Time Favorite Tools

Today on the blog, I want to discuss my all-time favorite tools. In the past, I’ve talked about my daily drivers — the tools I use the most at a given time. These past tools have certainly become important to my productivity and overall well-being. However, some of these tools lose their importance over time. Therefore, I want to create an ultimate compendium of tools that I consider the most important and will always be a part of my portfolio. Here they are.

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