2023’s Most Popular JBR Characters

Just a fun quick post today – was doing some stats for our Pinterest Page and decided why not sort things by character name and see what happens. The following is the results!

Boys & Girls

Boys & Girls, JBR’s flagship series, has Emily Bryant as its most popular character among fans. Nothing but respect for my school council president!

Full rankings:

  1. Emily Bryant
  2. Sadja Ayoub
  3. Anita Cortez
  4. Maria Cortez
  5. Lukas Schrodden
  6. Ash Monticello
  7. Russell Israel
  8. Kat Wilkins
  9. Maurice Bryant
  10. Isaac Broderick
  11. Cole Mulaney
  12. Aaron McNamara
  13. Rodrigo Huerta
  14. Rose Kawakami

Baby Bird

Melanie’s loyal friend and roommate Fifi Loc tops off the list for Baby Bird, a free short which released only two months ago!

Full Rankings:

  1. Fifi Loc
  2. Mary-Ann Kingsley
  3. Melanie Shanahan
  4. Rocko M’basi
  5. Calvin Herrera

Feelin’ The Rhythm

Last but not least, our video series Feelin’ The Rhythm is the only series to have its main protagonist – Sam Anatagi – at the top of its rankings!

Full Rankings:

  1. Sam Anatagi
  2. Joshi Kojima
  3. Chie Mitsubara
  4. Yui Takashi
  5. Toei Tetsuyama
  6. Ayako Kawakami

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