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How I Write My Blog Posts Now

Over the past few months, I’ve reconfigured how I approach writing on this blog. Here’s how things have changed.

So back in the old days when this blog first started going on — 2018, 2019, etc. — I just did all the writing for the blog posts myself. So I would just have a big list of topics, go down that topic list, and write something up.

And that worked out, for awhile.

This was back when I had a lot more free time. And nowadays, the free time has gone away because of all the other stuff that I’m working on (Boys & Girls, Feelin’ The Rhythm, business projects, investing, etc.). So I’ve changed the formula a bit to allow me to still write on here regularly without having to worry too much about workload.

First of all, the posting schedule is a bit different. I no longer do once per week; I do once every other week, and that gives some breathing room for the fiction stuff that comes in between. Another big thing is that now I just dictate my writing. So I will have the topic up in front of me, as per usual, as well as a few notes about what I want to talk about here. This time, however, I just start talking about it by dictating to a voice recorder app. The app I use is Otter, but I don’t think the recording part matters all that much.

Once I get the transcript, I will port that transcript over into Notion where I have Notion AI clean up that transcript. Of course, I ramble a lot, and that often needs to be trimmed. I’ve noticed that the “improve grammar” module on the AI does a good job of cutting out superfluous stuff without getting rid of too much. And then from there, I just need to do a last-pass edit just to make sure that everything flows smoothly.

And that’s it. It’s definitely still my own thoughts and opinions — I don’t have anything against AI copywriting or marketing, I just don’t need it for this blog — but things have just been augmented so that I only have to worry about editing rather than writing. In my opinion, that’s a much simpler process.

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