New Blog Post Schedule

I’ve decided that, after releasing a new post on this website every day for the past five years, it’s time for a bit of a change. Here’s my new schedule going forward:

…there is no schedule. The new schedule is that there is no schedule.

I’m doing this for a few reasons. The first is that much of my attention has gone on to other things I’m working on, stuff that is either high growth (video) or more what I want to do in the long term (fiction writing). The second is that I’ve about exhausted the key topics I’ve wanted to discuss — stuff like the ubermensch concept, or social game theory, or culture creators, etc. etc.

BUT, this is far and away from the last post you’ll ever see on this site. In fact, depending on how things go, posts might be more frequent on this site, on certain occasions. Another big thing I wanted to do with this change was make more posts while they were “top of mind”. I still try to make evergreen posts that are always relevant, but sometimes I become pretty much obsessed with a topic, which in this time frame it is great to write about. The issue with the scheduling formula is that I’m forced to put these to the wayside until the time is right, then write on them sometime later. But by the time that comes, usually I no longer care about the topic. This can be used to an advantage when purposely trying to throw off short peaks in motivation (for longer projects for example) but since a blog post can usually get done in a day anyway I don’t see this being necessary.

So, there you have it. Just a quick announcement that you shouldn’t expect posts every Monday anymore. Now I’ll just release them when they’re ready. But like I said, don’t despair! Believe me, you’ll be hearing from me again very soon : )

(Note — this does not effect the posting of Boys & Girls free chapters, which will continue to release every Monday until finished. Similar future free “demo” releases will probably follow the same formula. This also does not effect scheduling with stream content, which is still every Monday Friday and sometimes Wednesday.)

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