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Audience of One

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When people start creating, they believe in a reality that people will listen to them right out of the gate. But in order to last, you have to build a mindset to create simply for one person: yourself.

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Very few creatives end up making it, regardless of industry. I think a big part of why this is, doesn’t have to do with luck — but rather, with the fact that people become unmotivated rather quickly. The two primary reasons people become unmotivated are when they receive heavy criticism for their work, or when they receive nothing for their work at all. This post focuses on the latter reason.

I think the best way to go about this is to discuss how my own mindset has shifted over time. When I was young, I saw my ideas as these massive blockbusters, that everyone in the world would appreciate. And so, when I posted them and got one or two views, it dissuaded me from posting more. Now, however, it has become less about their success and more about getting them out there in the first place. I recognized that I had all these ideas in my head, and when I die or get debilitated they are all gone. And that’s that. I found that reality to be much more terrifying to me, and so I set out to put as many ideas into structured form as possible.

The more you consistently build, the more likely people will notice. Luck isn’t a wall, but a moving target. A solvable problem. And that’s my best advice to creators. 

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