But Who’s Right?

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Politics has created a massive, rippling divide across nations everywhere. All sides seem to be fighting over subjectivities… but there has to be an objectivity lying in the midst somewhere. Right?

Of course, most complex political topics are just that; complex. The truth is that we really don’t know how an economy should be run, or how welfare should be distributed, or how education and healthcare should be optimally set up. Rather, we have theories for how this ought to be; and these theories tend to fit neatly in line with one political party or another.

There are, however, also political arguments wrapped up in external factors. Religion is a big one; most Christian conservative policies don’t really have any sort of objective basis, and most could be disproved by specific fact. The problem with this, however, is that now we’re diving into the philosophy of objectivism. If a person fundamentally believes that abortion is wrong, or that homosexuality should be outlawed, then that would be a truth within that person’s universe. Being able to convince them of it doesn’t mean showing them the facts, it means totally upending their viewpoint of the universe. And that stuff can get really messy.

Of course, then we get into a question that is a layer deeper: what is right, and what is wrong? When we look at it this way, we realize the answer isn’t quite as cut and dry as we thought it was. So the reality is that as long as two different sides have two different fervorous viewpoints, then there is no right. “Well, that’s silly,” one might say. “If we know about the universe, than one view point must be the right one!” But now we’re getting into the difference between an external universe, which might say this way is X, and an internal universe, in which a person fundamentally believes it to be Y. The big issue here is a cemented philosophical concept: if a whole bunch of people believe its Y, then there’s no use if it’s really X. We humans don’t know all that much. Running a government is one of the things we don’t know a lot about. So while there might be an external universe, we’ll never know what it is as long as there’s debate between the internal universes. 

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