Sunsetting the AstukaGaming Brand


From 2012 to 2014 you started seeing a lot of brands on Youtube pop up in relationship with groups of people playing videogames, whether it be specifically for lets plays or just general gaming content. Around the summer of 2014 a group of friends and I thought of our own idea for a group, where we would collectively stream and upload videos related to gaming content. This group was called AstukaGaming.

Although this project was originally meant to last multiple “seasons” (summers) it only really lasted one with the whole group. Afterwards, a friend of mine and I ran a podcast under the AstukaGaming name from around 2015 to 2017. After this podcast ended, the AstukaGaming name was practically completely eaten up by the “astukari” brand, though in some places the AstukaGaming brand still stuck, whether it be the color palette or the logo or in the name itself.

Today, however, I’ve finally decided to get rid of the rest of the AstukaGaming brand. There’s a one main reason for this, so I’ll boil it down: The AstukaGaming brand in the past has been primarily connected to the podcast and the youtube channel and nothing else. Since I’m really getting tired of the podcast and the rest of the youtube channel is mostly branded as “astukari” at this point, there’s nothing else to really be called by that name.

So, moving forward, we’ll be going through the changes. Today the Discord server (for those who care) will be renamed from “AstukaGaming” to its old title “Gucci Gang”. The podcast will continue, but on a fairly inconsistent basis, up until the Podbean subscription ends. Beyond this, nothing else should be affected; that include primarily the blog and the newsletter.


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