30DayStartup, Week Two — Design and Marketing

Photo by Lauren Fleischmann on Unsplash

[Didn’t read part one? Check it out here!]

Okay, I hinted at this before, but its official – I literally have no idea where I am in this challenge anymore. Pretty sure 30 days is relatively 4 weeks, so I figure on the 4th post we’ll just launch then.

As for the startup itself, we’ve been making good progress. Concept art for the season 1 designs are now made, and an early-stage marketing campaign has been started. So let’s talk about progress:

Making the Designs

For the season 1 designs, I wanted to focus on a couple of principles that would specify the type of shirts we were going for. The main principle is that we are making art for shirts, not shirts with art. A lot of what I’ve seen on Redbubble is just various pieces of art that are slapped onto whatever items they can put it on. Instead, I want my focus to be starting with the type of clothing (e.g. t-shirts) and making art specifically for it.

Another focus I want to have is in relatively minimalist designs. This should be a given, speaking that I have like zero experience in art and design. I also feel like minimalism is a pretty good style to use for t-shirt design specifically, as too much clutter on the shirt causes your eyes to be distracted.

Early Stage Marketing

In addition to setting up the first set of shirt designs, I also went ahead and made a twitter account for the store. I plan on primarily using the account to: a) market new season 1 designs as they come out (duh) and b) post/retweet interesting pictures that have the same sort of artistic style and “feel” that I’m going for in my shirts. I’m hoping that this helps develop a community that will both enjoy the shirts as well as showcase their own creativity with others.


For next week, I’m hoping we build some more followers/engagement with the twitter account, as well as start converting concept art into real, solid designs. If you want to continue following this journey (or look at last week’s issue), I’d recommend checking out my profile and following the blog. You can also follow my twitter – whichever one works best for you!

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